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Window Air Conditioner Pros and Cons

Not sure whether to buy a window- or a portable air conditioner?
Let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of a window unit air conditioner.

Keystone window air conditioner

  • Are more popular, thus are easier to find and price competition is in full force
  • Often have relatively low noise output and high efficiency
  • Water drains from the unit to the exterior with no intervention needed
  • Sends ALL hot air to the exterior as warm air is exchanged for cold
  • Even small units can adequately cool 100-300 square feet. Larger units can cool rooms up to 650 square feet
  • If carefully placed, can cool more than one room
  • Can be placed either in windows or wall holes


  • The window where you install the air conditioner is blocked as long as the unit is there
  • Dripping water outside can end up where you do not want it to (pedestrians on a city street? creating rust on a metal roof?)
  • More of a hassle to remove and move to another room/location
  • Not all windows support air conditioners
  • Installation can get tricky if you do not have exterior support. It is not unheard of for window units to fall out of windows at inopportune times, even during installation.
  • The panels that come with these units can let in a lot of hot air, making the air conditioner less efficient
  • Even the best installation can still leave your home or apartment at a security risk
  • Quite frankly, the appearance of many window units in a living area is not seen as the ultimate in decorating or class

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