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Window Fan Reviews

Window fans are manufactured to fit into an open window. Very cleverly, manufacturers have designed models that are fitted with expandable side panels so the whole window cavity is covered. In earlier times the casings were made of metal. However, this posed a problem in terms of rust and general wear and tear, so today most of them are made of plastic.

There are fixed speed models, but most come with 2 or 3 speed settings. They also come equipped with reversible switches so they can either blow air from outside, or can operate the other way round, much like an exhaust fan. … [ Read More ]

There are many added features with window fans. Lots of them can be operated via remote control and some have thermostats so the unit will automatically switch off when the desired temperature has been reached. When looking for a fan like this, you should pay particular attention to the size of window you have and how powerful you need the unit to be.

Optimus and Holmes are two manufacturers that have an extensive range of window fans. They can cater for both residential and commercial buildings. Both companies have been revered for the technology they use and the added features their units have. [ Less ]