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Window Air Conditioner Reviews

Manufacturers in the air conditioner market have their own story about how popular their models are. But, without a doubt, the type that sells the most is the common window air conditioner. With this model, even people who live or work in high rise buildings can benefit from a comfortable indoor atmosphere during the summer months.

Window air conditioners are also versatile. They can work by drawing air from outside in, the other way round, or by using fan only modes. A unit like this comes with all the features you would expect with any other type of model.… [ Read More ]

SPT produces models of window air conditioner that are Energy Star Rated, have a cooling capacity of anything from 5,000 to 12,000 BTU and are easy to keep clean. Sharp Electronics has not been left behind in the technology stakes. Their models come with remote controls that will adjust temperature, fan speed and set timers from anywhere in a room. [ Minimize ]