Whole House Humidifier Reviews

Humidifiers have a very simple job, and that’s to create a comfortably moist environment indoors. Many years ago it was only possible to have a model that would deal with the space in one room. However today, there are whole house humidifiers on the market.

How a whole house humidifier works is actually quite technical but basically, most models will work in conjunction with an HVAC System. It’s attached to the system and diverts both warm and cold air to help produce moisture. Once this process has been completed it will be blown through vents throughout the home.… [ Read More ]

The major benefit of having this type of humidifier is it negates the need for several units dotted about the home. It also eliminates the need to keep an eye on the humidity levels in each room because everything is done centrally. When looking at the installation of a whole house humidifier, the size of the home and what type of HVAC system you already have should be taken into consideration.

Whole house humidifiers manufactured by Honeywell and Lasko are some of the best on the market.[ Minimize ]