Whole House Fan Reviews

Possibly because of the climate, whole house fans first appeared in the Southern States of the US sometime between the 1950’s & 196o’s. They quickly caught on as an alternative way of cooling a building because they were much cheaper than the air conditioning systems available at that time.

Typically, a whole house fan will be installed in the attic. It works by drawing warm air out of the home into the attic space and out through an opening in the roof. At the same time, the fan builds pressure within the living space which draws cool air in through open windows. … [ Read More ]

It’s worth noting there are two types of system. Those that are ceiling mounted, which are installed between the living space and the attic. The second type is ducted. This is mounted away from the ceiling and has the capability of pulling hot air away from multiple locations.

While whole house fans are generally extremely quiet whilst in operation, some models are not efficient at keeping all of the hot air away from the attic space. However, they are an excellent alternative to an air-conditioning system because it helps keep energy costs down and they’re much easier to install. [ Less ]