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Whole House Dehumidifier Reviews

Highly humid environments are uncomfortable to most people, and sometimes even unhealthy. The solution to this problem was conceived from the refrigeration process which, as a side effect, also seemed to lower moisture levels. The first dehumidifiers were therefore produced by using refrigeration heat exchangers and rotors for dehumidification.

A lot has happened since then, but whole house dehumidifiers still use the basics of this technology. Using a fan, the dehumidifier first collects damp air. The collected air then passes through a coil which separates the water by condensation. Finally, it is filtered and released through the exhaust as clean dehumidified air. … [ Read More ]

When buying dehumidifiers, the application area and the design of the house should be considered as well. There may be areas in the house that are frequently exposed to outside humidity, which means you will require stronger dehumidifiers. Sometimes, buying multiple dehumidifiers is more effective than buying a whole house unit with high capacity.

Manufacturers have now added aesthetics to dehumidifier design. Aside from quality performance, Soleus Air dehumidifiers have a chic appearance. Santa Fe on the other hand provides a vast choice of dehumidifier designs. [ Minimize ]