Whole House Air Purifier Reviews

Whole house air purifiers are available as standalone units or as filters that can be installed directly into the HVAC system. If installed in the HVAC system, they become operational each time the system is switched on. Because they can utilize the fans of your HVAC system, it’s a perfectly silent and invisible way to purify the air. They don’t make any noise themselves.

HVAC systems that purify the air in the entire house free up space that otherwise would have been used by portable purifiers, so they nullify the problems of spoiling the room’s décor. By taking care of the entire house, they also negate the need for multiple air purifiers for each room. Additionally, they are equipped with longer lasting filters, which often prove to be cost-effective. … [ Read More ]

When purchasing a whole house air purifier, it is advisable to check the square feet coverage provided by the model. Sometimes, buying two smaller units might be more cost-effective than buying one bigger unit. Make sure that you also factor in the power cost of running the HVAC unit on a daily basis, to ensure that you don’t bust your budget.

Whole house air purifying systems manufactured by IQAir, Honeywell and Aprilaire are among the best in the market. [ Minimize ]