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When do you Need a Humidifier? (When is the Air too Dry?)

If you find yourself with dry skin and/or an irritated throat, you might be thinking of buying a humidifier to moisten your indoor air.
If you live in a dry climate or a cold one that forces you to close the doors and windows tight during much of the year, you might need a humidifier. If you and/or your family is passing on a high number of colds and flu, you also might need a humidifier.

Signs of Dry Air

Here is a handy guide to help you determine if you need a humidifier:

  • The humidity level in your home should be between 35% and 55%, with the 40-50% range as ideal. If you are able to get access to a hygrometer to measure your humidity, do so. These measuring instruments are not expensive and work like a thermometer.
  • If you and your family are experiencing a lot of colds and flu, the air in your home might be too dry. This can easily happen during the winter months, so using a humidifier during that season might be a wise choice and not overly expensive.
  • If someone in the family is experiencing a high rate of nosebleeds, dry air might be the reason. This can be a tip-off that your indoor air needs to be moistened by a humidifier. Again, this happens frequently during the winter months.
  • If you have any skin condition that tends towards dryness, consider the use of a humidifier. Anyone with atopic dermatitis might need the benefits of a humidifier to reduce itching, burning and other discomfort.
  • If you notice a lot of static electricity in your home, the air might be too dry. Too much static electricity can damage your electronics. Other telltale signs of overly dry air are cracks in your furniture, peeling wallpaper or paint. Low humidity levels can damage wood, floors, artwork and wooden musical instruments. Dry air warps wood.
  • If you have a powerful furnace that pumps a lot of hot air into your home on a frequent basis, you probably need a humidifier. This dry, hot air can be very hard to breathe.
  • One of the side benefits of humidifiers is that they can help you to feel warmer at lower temperatures because of the moister air. This can help to save on energy costs.

People who live in dry or cold climates say that they cannot live without their humidifiers. If you are uncomfortable in your own home or have any of the symptoms listed above, you should see what life is like with a humidifier moistening the air too.

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