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Wall Mounted Fan Reviews

Wall mounted fans are a great invention. They help to save space and can be installed in residential, commercial and industrial locations.
In the home they’re often found in the kitchen or bathroom. This is because they can help remove odors from the kitchen and help keep moisture levels down in a bathroom.

The type of fan described above is usually installed with a duct that sends poor air outdoors, and they are designed to enhance the quality of the air. However, other types of wall fans are designed to keep the air cool.… [ Read More ]

Oscillating fans, for instance, can also be installed on to a wall, making the head turn to create a spread of cool air over a wide space. There are also fixed head fans that send a blast of cool air to a direct source.

It’s important to know the wall you intend to install it on will withstand the weight, and there is enough room for a fan that oscillates.

Care should be taken when choosing the brand you need. Air King are revered for their oscillating wall mount fans, and Panasonic manufacture some of the best exhaust fans of this type to be found on the market today. [ Less ]