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Wall Heaters

Wall heaters are an excellent way to heat individual rooms both in the home and office. These days, there are also models that will help keep the whole home warm when it’s needed most.

There are two main reasons people opt for this type of heater.
The first is safety. If there are young children around, a heater like this can be wall mounted so it’s out of reach.
The second is they save floor space.
Yet another benefit is because they’re mounted high up, the heat they produce will warm a room quicker. Heat rises, and if it starts at the top, it will work its way down.… [ Read More ]

This makes wall heaters very efficient. There are two main types, those that are powered by electric, and those that use gas as their power source. Wall mounted electric heaters are easier to install but more expensive to run. Gas is the opposite.

Seabreeze is one manufacturer that specializes in wall heaters designed for the bathroom. This type of heater needs additional safety features because it’s often in a humid environment.
Kozy World has managed to incorporate some of the latest technology available, and their range of wall heaters is extensive.[ Minimize ]