Wall Air Conditioner Reviews

Wall air conditioners are possibly the most popular types of air conditioners. This is because they save space (you don’t have a portable unit stand in your way), and unlike a window mounted unit, they also offer a certain degree of extra safety. Plus, the unit won’t obscure views through a window.

As long as you have enough space and there is access to an outdoor wall, you can choose from many different models. Wall mounted air conditioners are made to suit all sizes of rooms and budgets, and some even have up to date designs that will fit with any type of décor. … [ Read More ]

Another important factor is they will never need to be packed away. Air conditioners are normally only used in the summer, and a wall mounted unit will never need to be stored away when it’s not being used.

Frigidaire has some of the most popular wall mounted air conditioners on the market. They are equipped with anti-bacterial mesh filters which keep the air clean as well as cool. LG also produces well respected wall units. [ Minimize ]