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Vornado Fan Reviews

Vornado is one of the only manufacturers on the market that’s perfect for fans. The reason for this is they were behind the invention of the Vortex fan, and they were responsible for creating them for the aviation industry.

From there, the company adopted the technology they mastered and it has now been available to the general public for many years. … [ Read More ]

The 530B Compact Whole Room Fan is ideal for whole rooms. The signature Vortex action is way more powerful than the average 18” commercial fan. It has 3 speeds, 62 watts of power and the airflow can be directed wherever it’s needed.

The V8 Personal Fan is famed for its power. Its head will oscillate as well as flip, and it sends cool air up to 30 feet away. The Air Intensity grill creates perfect whisper quiet cool air that eliminates hot and cold spots. When the fan isn’t in use, it can be folded down to protect it from dust. This also gives it a modern look.

It’s easy to understand why people choose Vornado. Not just because of excellent quality, durability and affordability but because of the excellent after-sale care as well. [ Less ]