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UV Air Purifier Reviews

Air purifiers with filters usually operate on the premise of collecting the particles and allergens as they pass through the purifier. However, air purifiers that use ultraviolet lights do not collect the particulate matter. They simply kill all microorganisms like molds, bacteria and viruses.

The inner mechanism of these purifiers releases light which contains UV rays. When organic matter passes through the purifying unit, it is exposed to the UV radiation and destroyed. Because of this, UV air purifiers are commonly used in medical facilities. … [ Read More ]

While HEPA filters can collect germs and microbes, they cannot sterilize them. This is where UV lights can be very effective. Air purifiers using UV lights are most successful in environments where proliferation of microorganisms needs to be controlled. However, the UV lights are not as effective against dust, allergens and gaseous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Therefore, they are used in conjunction with other filters like HEPA and activated carbon, so as to enhance the filtration levels of the air purifying unit. While ozone generators also use UV light to kill bacteria, they produce ozone which can be harmful to humans.

Airstream disinfection and Surface disinfection are the two types of UV air purifiers available. The former needs a high quantity of UV rays along with a fan to facilitate air movement so as to curb the proliferation of microbes. The latter is usually installed in air-handling units to curtail bacteria proliferation. Allerair, Germ Guardian and Alen are the most popular brands in this category.[ Minimize ]