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Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

A man by the name of Dr. Allen DeVilbiss was behind the invention of the ultrasonic humidifier in the mid 1960’s. He originally looked into using this technology in order to help patients who suffered from respiratory problems such as asthma. Since then, many manufacturers have adopted ultrasonic technology and the models found today are not just practical, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Ultrasonic works by converting electrical energy into mechanical movement. With a humidifier of this type, tiny particles of water are propelled out of the humidifier using the vibrations created. They are also are incredibly quiet, use less water and are energy efficient.… [ Read More ]

You should pay attention to the safety manuals that come with ultrasonic humidifiers. Some models will need to be filled with distilled water instead of tap. The reason for this is it eliminates a build-up of white dust which can get into the air. If this is inhaled, it could worsen breathing problems.

Air-O-Swiss, Safety 1st and Crane are the top 3 manufacturers of ultrasonic humidifiers. These companies consistently strive to improve on the technology that’s available to them. They offer products that are affordable and have great safety features.[ Minimize ]