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Tower-, Pedestal- and Table Fan Comparison

You want to buy a fan or two for your home because you want to keep your energy costs down, go more green or even assist your air conditioner in circulating a cool breeze in a room or two. Now you need to decide what kind of fan that you will purchase: tower, pedestal or table?

A lot depends on how much power you want from your fan. If you are seeking a lot of wind power, your choice will probably narrow to tower versus pedestal. If you are looking for a fan that can cool down one person at a desk or a few people around a table, the table fan will make more sense.

Noise can also be a factor. In this category, tower fans win hands down. You can check a fan’s decibel rating in many cases to decide what will be tolerable for you. Tower fans are also the best looking of these options and take up the least amount of space.

Here you can find the pros and cons for each type of fan in this group:

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Technical Measures

To compare fans’ power capabilities, try to find a CFM rating, which equates to the cubic feet per minute created by a fan’s airflow. The CFM is equal to the airspeed generated in feet per minute multiplied by the area cooled, in cubic feet.

If you want to figure out how quickly a fan will circulate the air in a given room, divide the cubic feet measurement of the room by the CFM of the fan. A common equation would look like 2,000 cubic feet (a room with a standard eight-foot ceiling, 10’ X 25’) divided by a 2,000 CFM fan, which equals one minute for the fan to circulate all of that room’s air.

A fan that can circulate a room’s air in three minutes or less is desirable. Anything above that means less coolness less quickly. You can boost your fan’s effectiveness by putting it in a corner or against a wall, not in the middle of a room.