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Tower Fan Reviews

Most tower fans come with oscillation technology. This means they distribute air at a 90 degree angle. Due to the angle and the height of the fan, air is circulated much more efficiently than it is with a traditional fan.

Lots of models also come with an ionizer, but this is usually optional. When in use, the ionizer will work to help keep the air that’s been circulated free from dirt and bacteria that can cause allergies or breathing difficulties. … [ Read More ]

Because of their slim-line design, tower fans they take up less space. The most modern types can be operated via remote control.
Tower fans can also be purchased with impeller blades. These work by moving air through the cylindrical column and out through the vents. The difference between this type of technology and a traditional fan is the blades move in a vertical manner as opposed to horizontal, which helps with reaching a wider area.

Due to its design, a tower fan is prone to overheating. That’s why many models are equipped with cut-off switches, for added safety.
Honeywell and Bionaire are two manufacturers that sell both oscillating and impeller type models. [ Less ]