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Table Top Patio Heater Reviews

Patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes. Most people think about them as free-standing heaters that look much like a street lamp. However, there are many different models to choose from. Table top patio heaters are increasing in popularity because they’re very useful in an intimate setting.

When the days of summer are drawing to an end, not everyone wants to give up eating outdoors but it’s often too cold to do so. This is where a tabletop patio heater can be very practical. They are capable of using various power sources, most notably gas, propane and electric.… [ Read More ]

Design is something many companies have thought about. It’s possible to buy heaters like this that look just like a table lamp. Up to the minute technology is also used. Infrared is very popular because it heats objects as oppose to the air around it.

Fire Sense has great designs and also holds safety in high regard. Many models come with cut-off switches and will withstand harsh weather.
Garden Sun also produces very aesthetically pleasing models. They have heaters with push button start technology and will automatically switch off if they’re knocked over.
Both companies offer excellent warranties and their products are incredibly affordable.[ Minimize ]