SoleusAir Air Conditioner Reviews

Soleus Air is a well reputed company in the US for all sorts of products that make indoor environments more comfortable. Unlike many other brands, they take aesthetics just as seriously as the technology they use.

With Soleus Air you can expect all types of air conditioners. They produce window, wall mounted and portable systems, and they’re always innovating on their products. Their motto is that there is always room for improvement, no matter how good a product is. … [ Read More ]

One of their most popular models is the PH3 Portable Air Conditioner, which sells so well because it doubles as a dehumidifier. It’s lightweight and easily moved from one room to another, and comes equipped with a digital thermostat, 24 hour pre-set programming and remote control.

Their best selling window air conditioner is probably the 8,000 BTU Unit. One of the best features about this air conditioner isn’t just the power, but the fact it has a Gold Shield anti-corrosion coating which prevents the condenser fin from rotting.

Soleus Air is committed to its customers, offers 1 year warranties and has incredibly affordable prices. It’s easy to understand why there are not many people that haven’t heard of them. [ Minimize ]