Smoke Air Purifier Reviews

Smoke results from fires and cigarette smoking; it leaves behind a potentially hazardous cocktail of gases like carbon monoxide, soot, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) etc. that can aggravate the symptoms of people suffering from allergies and asthma.

Smoke Air Purifiers usually serve two functions. First, they improve the quality of air by ridding it of allergens and other particles; second, they need to be equipped for dealing with smoke and odors emitted by cigarettes and fires. While HEPA filters are the best equipped for taking care of the first point, filters containing activated carbon filters are most appropriate for the second. Hence, high quality smoke air purifiers should provide both these levels of filtration. … [ Read More ]

Among other types of smoke air purifiers, those using electrostatic plates could be effective; since all the air would need to pass through the unit, this makes them impractical. Ionizers can be effective for removing smoke, but only up to a slight degree. Ozone generators are probably the most effective for filtering out smoke. However, their tendency to produce ozone can be hazardous to health. [ Minimize ]