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Small Window Air Conditioner Reviews

If you live in a high rise building that’s old, you may only have small windows, making the heat pretty unbearable in the summer months. This is why manufacturers have focused on producing small air conditioners for windows. All you have to do is measure the size you need and choose your air conditioner accordingly.

Window air conditioners work by making use of a refrigerant, which is often referred to as a Freon. This works in conjunction with a compressor which turns hot air into cool air. Engineers have been able to make the parts smaller and more powerful, and today it’s possible to buy units that will cool a small room very effectively. … [ Read More ]

Frigidaire produces one of the most well revered small window air conditioners on the market today. Their range includes units that measure a mere 13 x 12 inches. Additionally, they come with side panels that can be extended to fit the whole window if necessary.

Keystone also has excellent models in their range that are Energy Star rated and feature “follow me” remote controls that are unique to the company. [ Minimize ]