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Small Portable Dehumidifier Reviews

Initially, dehumidifiers were large and heavy, but the need to frequently move them to different parts of the house urged manufacturers to innovate. Today, small and portable dehumidifiers are considered the market leaders.

Due to their size, portable dehumidifiers can only be equipped with small water tanks that need to be emptied every 8 to 12 hours. However, automatic shut-off and continuous drainage can help alleviate this limitation. … [ Read More ]

Shut-off systems have floater sensors which detect when the tank is full, so that they can automatically turn off the dehumidifier. Drainage systems (through a hose) may be free flowing or through a pump.

Make sure to inspect the capacity of small dehumidifiers before buying. Many users have complained that their units do not work, when the problem really was that they ‘undersized’ their dehumidifier. Fridgidaire has portable dehumidifiers that can cover up to 1400 cubic feet, and Eva-Dry even has models that can cover up to 2200 cubic feet. [ Minimize ]