Small and Portable Air Purifier Reviews

For people who like their air purifiers to be compact, trendy and portable, small air purifiers are the ones to buy. These trendy and lightweight units are perfect for use in areas that have limited space i.e. at work, while traveling or even in the car. Portable air purifiers provide no let-up in either their filtration levels or in their ability to provide high-quality air.

Portable air purifiers fitted with a HEPA and a carbon filter or those fitted with naturally-occurring UVC light technology, remain the best air purifiers in this bracket. When purchasing these air purifiers, ensure that you get a unit that has the biggest filter size. Not only would this ensure a better coverage and superior filtration levels, it would also increase the lifespan of the filters. … [ Read More ]

Other models might provide lesser filtration, but compensate by providing additional filters for smoke, particle or micro-organism control. Some models of portable air purifiers (especially those using electrostatic filters) might need filter changes every 3 months, but these filters are easy to find and install.

With a coverage area that ranges from 100 to about 300 square feet, these air purifiers are pint-sized powerhouses and weigh between 5-12 pounds. Available in easy to move, sleek and compact designs, their economical price and low power consumption are other factors in their favor. The most popular brands in this category include Humanscale, Germ Guardian, and Amaircare. [ Minimize ]