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Small Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

When air conditioners were first used the systems, understandably, were large and very bulky. Today, there are portable air conditioners on the market that are small enough to be hand-held. Manufacturers have recognized that people lead busy lives, and there is no reason why we can’t stay cool when we’re on the go.

Obviously, these portable mini air conditioners are only meant for small areas. However, some slighly bigger yet still very compact units can even cool average size living rooms. Technology has come a long way. … [ Read More ]

Handy Cooler makes one of the smallest portable air conditioners on the market. By appearance, it looks like a hand-held fan, but it comes with air conditioning technology. It can be taken anywhere and even transforms into a desktop air conditioner.

Several brands offer small air conditioners that are portable enough to take with you – Edgestar, Frigidaire and Koldfront, to name a few. [ Minimize ]