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Single Room Air Conditioner Reviews

These days it’s possible to buy single room air conditioners that are portable, installed in a window or wall mounted. This should be your very first decision when buying an air conditioner.

It’s also prudent to check what the power output is, which is usually measured by the level of BTU. Units for the smallest rooms will start at 5,000, while larger rooms generally need 8,000 – 12,000. … [ Read More ]

This may narrow down your choices, but you’ll be amazed with how many air conditioners you can still choose from. However, if you only have one single room to cool, you probably want your air conditioner to be compact. This will further reduce your choices.

Two manufacturers that come highly rated with their room air conditioners are Frigidaire and Soleus Air. Both companies sell models that are portable or permanently installed, and include additional features such as dehumidification and/or air quality control. For their portable units you can expect safety features such as automatic cut-offs should the unit be knocked over, and loss of power protection [ Minimize ]