Sharp Air Conditioner Reviews

Sharp is a world renowned leader in the electronics market. They strive to constantly provide the latest in technology and are committed to serving the society with their products, which is part of their mission statement.

Among the many products Sharp produce they have a range of air conditioners. They boldly state that if you can find a better AC elsewhere, you should buy it. This is how confident they are. … [ Read More ]

One of the most well revered air conditioning units they sell is the Energy Star 8,000 BTU Window Mounted unit. Not only will it cool an area up to 415 square feet, it also acts as a dehumidifier which can remove almost 2 pints of moisture each hour.
Sharp’s 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is just as popular. It’s sleek in design, powerful and equipped with easy roll castors.

Sharp isn’t the cheapest brand on the market. However, the quality of the products they provide is so good they will last a lifetime, and their guarantees prove that. [ Minimize ]