Samsung Air Conditioner Reviews

Samsung is a South Korean company, founded in the early 1930’s by a man named Lee Byung-chull. At this time the company employed a mere 40 people. Today, it has an unsurpassed world reputation within the electronics market with many thousands of employees.

Many people will know the company for its production of cell-phones, televisions and other household electrical goods. However, it is just as well known within the air conditioning market. Their products are designed, built and shipped world-wide and use the very latest in technology. … [ Read More ]

One of the latest air conditioners from Samsung is a wall mounted unit that includes their High Density Filter. Unique to the manufacturer, this model removes the most microscopic dirt particles from the air, making it perfect for the bedroom. It also comes with precise temperature control to make night-time sleeping as comfortable as possible.
Another wall mounted air conditioner also focuses on removing bacteria from the air and is equipped with their own Virus Doctor System. It’s known for its quiet noise levels and comes with remote control.

Samsung may not be the cheapest on the market, but the quality of the products they produce is the reason why they’re a household name. Their air conditioners are no exception, they live up to their name. [ Minimize ]