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Room Dehumidifier Reviews

High humidity often causes uneasiness, excessive perspiration and/or loss of sleep, eventually leading to serious health problems. Dehumidifiers are the perfect remedy to this problem: they suck damp air out of the room, remove the moisture, and release dry air back into the room.

However, most people are reluctant to use room dehumidifiers because of the possibility of noise, not knowing that dehumidifiers can be virtually silent. They create minimal or no noise at all while in operation. … [ Read More ]

Further innovation in room dehumidifiers resulted in features that remove particles from the air. The High Air Flow filter system of Dri-Eaz, for instance, provides superior particle retention and resistance to microbial growth. The built-in ionizers of PerfectAire, on the other hand, attract particles in the air so that they fall on the floor.

Most room dehumidifiers do not have strong fans and users sometimes complain that they are not able to properly circulate air within their room. This is because they are built for silent operation. [ Minimize ]