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Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Portable air conditioners are perfect for people who only need to cool one room at a time. Many models make use of durable wheels and handy carry handles, making it possible for units to be moved easily from one room to another.

However, people don’t want to be distracted by the noise their unit makes. They are not just concerned with how cool the air in their room is, they also want units that do the job with a minimal amount of sound. This is why manufacturers have developed fans that can barely be heard when in operation. The quietest units will also automatically switch the fan off once the desired temperature has been reached. … [ Read More ]

Quiet portable air conditioning units will work overnight without disrupting sleep, and are perfect for use in a child’s room. Whynter and Frigidaire are market leaders with this technology. They use whisper quiet fans in their units, and most models can barely be heard when in operation. Both companies offer portable units that are durable, come with the latest safety features and are incredibly affordable. [ Minimize ]