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Quiet Humidifier Reviews

Initially, humidifiers were developed with one goal in mind: making dry air moist. Over time, and as popularity grew, manufacturers recognized that customers were unhappy with the amount of noise they produced. Today the market leaders produce some of the quietest humidifiers to be found.

The birth of ultrasonic technology has made it possible for companies to produce models that can barely be heard when they’re in use (ultrasound cannot be heard by the human ear). When a humidifier works in this way, it uses a sound wave to produce a vibration. The vibration then causes tiny droplets of water to be send into the air.… [ Read More ]

When looking for a quiet humidifier it’s prudent to check on the safety features included, especially if it’s going to be used overnight. Ultrasonic models can also be quite costly so this is something else to consider.

Besides being quiet, a humidifier like this is very efficient at keeping the air clean and moist. The only disadvantage is it will need more maintenance than other models that use a different technology.
Honeywell is possibly the market leader in this model however Air O Swiss and Hunter are not far behind.[ Minimize ]