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Quiet Dehumidifier Reviews

In order to remove moisture from the air and regulate humidity levels, dehumidifiers use internal parts that, inevitably, make noise. Most models work by making use of a fan which draws the moisture in, passes it through a filter to remove impurities and then into a condensing system to turn it into liquid.

Larger units understandably make the most noise because they have a larger capacity. However, consumers now demand quiet dehumidifiers, especially because they’re used overnight or in areas that require little noise. … [ Read More ]

Manufacturers have responded to this demand, and many of them use the latest in technology with parts such as fans or condensing units in order to keep noise levels down. The industry as a whole has yet to produce a model that can boast silent operation but the most advanced units make little more than a humming sound.

The Eva-Dry Petite dehumidifier is one of the quietest on the market. The reason for this is they use Peltier Technology which means there is no need for a compressor, thus reducing the amount of noise produced. The Soleus Air CFM-40 can also be considered a quiet dehumidifier. It only emits 41db when on the low setting. [ Minimize ]