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Quiet Window Air Conditioner Reviews

There was once a time when people were just glad of the fact they could switch a machine on and have cool air emanate throughout a room or building. However in their earliest forms, air conditioning systems were large, used a lot of fuel and were noisy.

As the market grew, so did consumer demands. These days everyone expects instant cool air when they switch an air conditioning unit on, and they don’t expect to hear an avalanche coming at them. Air Conditioners need to be quiet, especially if used in the bedroom. … [ Read More ]

People that have units installed in a window normally need to cool a room that’s relatively small in size, which makes it more important for the air conditioner to be quiet. This is why engineers have focused their attention on producing quiet window air conditioners, and they have come a long way.

Frigidaire is one the best known companies in this sector of the market. They have built a range of window air conditioners that can barely be heard when they’re working. So much so, they are perfect for overnight operation. Sunpentown is also a market leader. Their range is highly revered by customers not just for quiet operation but affordability as well. [ Minimize ]