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PureGuardian Humidifier Reviews

Pure Guardian is popular for its natural approach to improving indoor air quality. The company, which was formerly known as Germ Free Guardian, uses a Silver Clean technology that has been hailed as one of the most efficient humidifying systems. It delivers moisture into the air, but at the same-time, keeps it exceptionally clean.

The Pure Guardian system works by making use of tiny particles of silver inside the humidifier’s tank, which naturally eliminates harmful spores that are produced by mildew and mold. At the same time, their humidifiers keep the atmosphere moist. … [ Read More ]

One model that gets a 5 star rating is the H1300. This model is famed for working continuously over a 70 hour period, and combines the Silver Clean technology with ultrasonic technology. This means it’s incredibly quiet and delivers an advanced level of humidity.
At a slightly cheaper price, you can buy the next best model which is the H900. This also works using ultrasonic, but is limited to a 10 hour period.

Pure Guardian is becoming ever more popular for its innovative designs, affordability, and excellent quality. The humidifiers they offer often have great seasonal offers, making them even more inexpensive. [ Less ]