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Pump Dehumidifier Reviews

Dehumidifiers are commonly used in basements where it is musty and damp. They can be both mechanical and electronic. Models that use an electronic method work by using heat to condense the water in the air. Mechanical models however, use a fan which passes the air over refrigerated coils.

Either way, the collected water needs to be emptied, and the common way to do this is by emptying the bucket manually. However, for large capacity dehumidifiers that work in areas such as basements, automatic drainage systems are definitely prefered. This is where the pump comes in, because the water usually needs to be drained upwards. … [ Read More ]

Dehumidifiers with an internal pump are more likely to reach the pint capacity the unit can handle. The pump saves time and effort on manual operation, hence ensuring continuous operation.
This is also means that energy efficiency is something to look out for, and the energy star rating will tell you this.

The price for a humidifier with pump like this varies depending on the manufacturer and any additional features included. The Friedrich D50AP is one of the most popular brands, and not expensive. The DeLonghi DD50P is pricier but offers more features. [ Minimize ]