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Propane Wall Heater Reviews

Propane is one of the cleanest fuels available on the market and propane wall heaters are becoming ever more popular for this reason. Most models of heaters like this are equipped with an igniter. When pressure is applied, it strikes the igniter and a flame is produced.

Porcelain is widely used to spread the flame within the heater so the warmth produced in a room is more even. It is possible to buy portable heaters like this, but the wall mounted types are excellent at saving space, and because of where they’re positioned, it’s much safer.… [ Read More ]

It’s wise to look for safety features such as a cut-off switch and an oxygen sensor when looking for a heater like this. The reason for this is propane produces carbon monoxide, and this can reduce the amount of oxygen in a room.

All manufacturers have taken this safety precaution with their ranges. Procom has an excellent collection to choose from. They produce vent free propane wall heaters that are easy to install and have cool touch technology.
Rinnai is another manufacturer that uses the very latest technology in safety. Many of their models come with self diagnostic equipment installed.[ Minimize ]