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Propane Patio Heater Reviews

Many propane patio heaters are lamppost type models. They comprise of a long metal shaft, and the heating element is located at the top, usually covered by a metal plate. This metal plate offers both aesthetics in terms of design but also helps to direct the flow of heat.

The heater is attached to a propane cylinder and is connected to a pipe that runs through the shaft up to the element that produces the heat. Lots of models are fitted with temperature regulators at the top and because of the fuel used, the heat produced is almost instant.… [ Read More ]

Many manufacturers have introduced certain safety features which are important when using this type of fuel. Automatic cut-off switches will turn the unit off if it becomes too warm. There are also regulators that make sure the amount of fuel received to the heater is kept at a reasonable level.

Fire Sense is well known for producing propane patio heaters that can warm a small or large group of people. Aside from safety, they have also kept design in mind.
Mr. Heater is a company that has an excellent reputation for outdoor heating, and is currently one of the market leaders in propane patio heaters.[ Minimize ]