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Propane Heater Reviews

Propane is considered to be one the cleanest fuels used in heaters. It normally comes in the form of a gas, but can be compressed into a liquid which is the type usually used with a heater.

Propane heaters are equipped with an ignition device, generally made from quartz crystal. When pressure is applied to the element, a spark is generated and this is where the flame originates. Some of the most modern propane heaters are also fitted with devices (usually made of porcelain) that help to spread the flame out, which distributes heat more evenly throughout the room.… [ Read More ]

One of the benefits of a heater like this is many models are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The best models are those that are CSA approved which means they have been through rigorous safety checks. Special consideration should be paid to ventilation with a heater like this. Since it can produce carbon monoxide, there is a risk that oxygen levels will become too low in the room.

Both Mr. Heater and Procom are manufacturers that have included cut-off switches which eliminate this problem. Their models are also equipped with tip-over switches. Aside from safety, these companies also offer excellent warranties.[ Minimize ]