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Portable Fan Reviews

Fans first started life as fairly large, cumbersome devices that were not moveable. However, technology today means there are all manner of fans available on the market. The most popular these days are portable fans.

There are many ways in which a fan will work. Most have blades that rotate to help circulate the air around us and keep it cool. The more complex models actually take hot air out of a room and help replace it with cool air. Portable fans can use the same technologies, they’re just smaller and lighter. … [ Read More ]

Manufacturers term a fan as portable when it’s moveable. This can be anything from desktop, pedestal or even hand held fans.
When purchasing a fan like this, it’s worth remembering what you would like from it. Consider where you will use it most and think about how easy it is to move.

Soleus Air and DeLonghi are two of the leading manufacturers of portable fans and are renowned for the variety they have in their ranges. [ Less ]