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Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Many new buildings today have air conditioning systems installed, but not everyone needs a system that covers a whole building. Sometimes you just want one of your rooms cooled down, or have the option to add an extra unit for faster cooling.

This is where portable air conditioners come in, they’re incredibly useful for smaller rooms without a central system. And because portable air conditioning units are usually lightweight enough to either carry or wheel to another room, you can easily use them for different rooms. … [ Read More ]

Some may think that a floor standing unit will take up too much space. This isn’t the case, there are companies that produce some of the most slim-line models available today. Safety is an issue that has also been thought about. Floor air conditioners often have in-built trip switches so the power goes off if they’re knocked over.

Soleus Air have a range of portable air conditioners, one of which also acts as a dehumidifier. It includes heavy duty castors and is energy efficient. Whynter also have very aesthetically pleasing models which are highly affordable and revered for their durability. Both of these companies offer money back guarantees as well as value for money. [ Minimize ]