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Personal Mini Humidifier Reviews

Small humidifiers have been on the market for some time, but they have moved on in terms of size and technology used. Years ago, a mini or personal humidifier would have meant using a tank attachment for the water. Now, many manufacturers have managed to create models that only use a small bottle of water but don’t compromise on quality.

It’s now possible to buy a personal humidifier that uses ultrasonic technology and can produce warm or cool mists. In fact you get all the benefits of the larger models, just in a more compact device. Safety features such as cut-off switches are included and it’s also possible to have varying speeds and ultra quiet operation.… [ Read More ]

Mini humidifiers are perfect for people that suffer respiratory problems, however you should always check how long the model will work without the need for water to be topped up. It’s also wise to find out how small a space it will be effective in.

Some of the best models on the market are manufactured by Sunpentown, HoMedics and Vicks. All of them have the features you would expect with larger models. Vicks for instance, can be used in conjunction with the medications it sells.[ Minimize ]