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Pedestal Fan Info

Lasko 1843 Pedestal FanPedestal fans sit on a long stand that can reach areas much higher than a box fan perched on the floor or table. You don’t need a desk or shelf to house these tall fans.

If you are going to use a fan in a large living space or office area and are not concerned about looks or tight spaces, a pedestal fan is a good option. These fans also have considerably more power than tower or table fans, delivering about four times the range of cooling for the price than a tower fan.

If you are in a very hot, large area, the pedestal fan is the right choice. These fans will circulate air well but will do nothing to improve the quality of the air in the cooled area, if that is an ancillary goal of your fan’s performance. In addition, the high-powered blades of a pedestal fan can present a minor safety issue in some cases.

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