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Patton PUF1810B-BM Fan Review

Overall Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Patton PUF1810B-BM

The Patton PUF1810B-BM is a high velocity fan that has been primarily designed for use in large workshops or the garage. However, it can also be used in small rooms throughout the home. Given that the manufacturer advertises this model for work-spaces it is very sturdy both in appearance and operation. It comes with a strong tubular steel base and rubber feet to prevent any vibration when in operation.

Review Details

Patton recognizes the PUF1810B-BM will more than likely be used in a space where people are moving around all the time. For this reason, the fan has a versatile tilt option to ensure the cool air reaches all areas. To further enhance the ability for air to reach where it’s needed most this unit is fitted with a powerful motor and blades with a large diameter.

Constructed entirely of steel the PUF1810B-BM has been built to withstand the harshest of elements that can occur in the workshop or garage. You will also benefit from 3 speeds and inbuilt overheating protection (something of the utmost importance in a workshop).

What We Liked

  • Robust Construction
    Made entirely of steel, the PUF1810B-BM high velocity fan is as sturdy as they come. It’s also fitted with rubber feet so it won’t travel on slippery surfaces or vibrate unnecessarily.
  • Versatile Airflow
    With the choice of 3 fan speeds and a tilt option, cool air will easily reach all areas of the room it’s being used in.
  • Safe to Use
    Due to the sturdiness of the PUF1810B-BM, this unit cannot be easily knocked over. It’s also equipped with a thermal overheating function.
  • Efficient Air Circulation
    This high velocity fan has large diameter blades and a powerful motor to ensure maximum air circulation.

What We Didn't Like

  • Noise
    It has to be noted that the PUF1810B-BM will emit a fair bit of noise especially when it’s on the highest setting. However, it has been constructed to move large amounts of air in what is primarily a high noise environment.
  • Manufactured Overseas
    Patton appears to have started manufacturing their products overseas and some consumers have complained this affected the overall quality.


It has to be said that the PUF1810B-BM is indeed a high velocity fan, which makes it perfect for use in a workshop or garage environment. Patton does state it can be used in the home however, noise should be thought about. This model is very robust and comes with many features that will more than adequately cool a work area. Compared to other fans of this type, the price tag isn’t something that will shock the consumer either.

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Last modified: April 21, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Patton PUF1810B-BM
Dimensions (L x W x H):
6.5 x 20 x 20 inches
13.3 lbs
Diameter / Blade Span:
18 Square Feet
Adjustable Height:
Adjustable Tilt:
Type of Fan:
Floor, Commercial
Oscillate Mode:
Adjustable Fan Speed:
Yes, 3 speeds
Reversable Rotation:
Oscillate Option:
Antimicrobial Protection:
Energy Star Certified:
3 years

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