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Patio Heater Reviews

Many years ago, and probably to some extent today, people built real fires to keep them warm outdoors. This sort of scene is more than likely to be found when you’re out camping. However, people have long been looking for ways to while away the late summer evenings outdoors safely, which is something a real flame doesn’t always offer.

For this reason we have seen a rise in popularity for patio heaters. They are designed so they heat the objects around them rather than the air, which makes them a perfect outdoor heating facility. There are many ways to fuel a patio heater, but the most common is either gas or propane. Wood burning patio heaters are also available if you want a more rustic feel. … [ Read More ]

As with any type of heater, there are safety standards to look for. Earlier models could become very hot to the touch. Manufacturers have recognized this issue and responded well. Modern patio heaters also have safety mechanisms that will shut the heater off should it be tipped over, or becomes too hot.

Fire Sense and Mr. Heater are two manufacturers that have a wide range of patio heaters to choose from. They make models for both the commercial and residential markets. [ Minimize ]