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Outdoor Ceiling Fan Reviews

Outdoor ceiling fans are becoming increasingly more popular. People with covered porches or airy sun-rooms are looking for ways in which they can enjoy this space better. Fan manufacturers have responded to customers’ needs and now offer a wide range of fans like this to buy.

An outdoor ceiling fan works in the same way as any fan would indoors. However, there is at least one exception. Models need to be far sturdier, simply because they’re open to the elements. Anti-wobble features are common, and the materials used for housings and blades are specifically designed to withstand being outdoors.… [ Read More ]

It’s wise to look for certain certifications with outdoor fans. Many of the best models come with an energy star rating, which tells you they’re energy efficient. Lots of models are also ETL approved. This means they have been rigorously tested for safety.

Hunter and Emerson are two manufacturers that can boast these certifications. They have thought about design as well as functionality, and lots of their ceiling fans come with various choices of blades to create the perfect outdoor ambience. Some models also come equipped with lights, perfect for those long summer evenings. [ Less ]