Other Humidifier Reviews

There are many other brands of humidifiers on the market. They’re not all manufactured by well-known companies, but none of the firms mentioned here are any less committed to producing quality products.

Sunpentown is a good example, a brand largely focused on the personal humidifier market. They use up to the minute ultrasound technology, and produce both cool and warm mist products. Another good example is Graco, which focuses on larger humidifiers with tanks that hold up to 4 gallons of water. These humidifiers can even cover an area of 1200 sq ft. … [ Read More ]

From an aesthetic point of view, both Stadler and Heaven Fresh are making a name for themselves. Stadler creates energy efficient humidifiers that are pleasing to the eye. Heaven Fresh focuses on color, style, and clean air.

Customers looking for a cleaner indoor environment in terms of air quality have a large choice. All of the above mentioned brands (and more) are serious about offering high quality products that are built to last; finding a humidifier that will fit with your décor shouldn’t be a big problem. They’re priced to suit any budget, and all come with extended warranties. [ Less ]