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Other Fan Reviews

There are many other brands of fans on the market. They’re not all produced by big names, but they usually don’t compromise on quality or affordability.

One good example of an industrial fan is made by TPI. Their Direct Drive Exhaust Fan helps remove unwanted hot air in an industrial environment. One of the best features with this model is it doesn’t need external shutters or framing. It can also be installed on an inside wall for ease of use. … [ Read More ]

For the home or office, many people will opt for a ceiling fan, and one of the best lesser known brands is Westinghouse. Their Contempra Three Light Ceiling Fan combines style and technology. It comes in both frosted glass and brushed nickel shades, has 3 speeds and is perfect for low ceilings. Its best feature is the candelabra style light fitting.

For people who prefer a more unique style, Deco Breeze is the ideal brand. One of their best sellers is the Decorative Figurine Fan. It comes in all manner of shapes, and is a perfect addition to a tabletop decoration. [ Less ]