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Other Dehumidifier Reviews

Several dehumidifier brands are now taking steps to a more competitive position. Dri-Eaz, for instance, developed a High Air Flow (HAF) filter system to rid the air of bacteria and odors. This filter system is twice as efficient as washable foam, and provides superior particle retention and resistance to microbial growth while allowing maximum airflow.

Aprilaire on the other hand introduced their Ultra-Violet Germicidal Lamp (UVGL). The UVGL of their dehumidifiers will destroy mold spores and other harmful microorganisms. … [ Read More ]

Built-in ionizers of PerfectAire dehumidifiers provide the same function, but with a different approach. These ionizers release charged particles (ions) into the air which attract dust, smoke, or bacteria. Once the ions come in contact with other particles, they become heavy and fall down – leaving clean air.

With this innovative approach, the dehumidifier industry will surely prosper. Despite this, consumers will always demand more than dry air alone. They want additional features in a product, and the dehumidifier market is no exception. This is proving to be a huge challenge for dehumidifier manufacturers.