Other Air Conditioner Reviews

Many people looking for air conditioners no matter if it’s a portable unit, wall mounted or a complete system, often first look at major brand names. There are however, companies in this industry that are not as well known, but they offer products that are just as good in terms of quality, design and reliability.

Keystone for example has a very popular window mounted unit equipped with a unique follow me remote control. This means you can set, see and maintain the room temperature wherever you are. It also comes with 3 cool settings, 3 speed fans and 24 hour programmable setting. … [ Read More ]

Edgestar also has an award winning portable air conditioning unit. With an output of 8,000 BTU, it’s famed for its compact design without compromising on power. It meets RoHS standards, making it very environmentally friendly. It also combines as a dehumidifier and is equipped with a digital thermostat.

Both of these companies pay particular attention to after-sale care. They offer great warranties with parts and labor included. Given that both the models above have received an excellent response within the marketplace in terms of quality and affordability, it’s no wonder they’re quickly making a name for themselves within this industry. [ Minimize ]