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Oscillating Fan Reviews

Oscillating fans have a motor that allows the head to rotate, which means cool air is distributed far more evenly. Many models also come with a switch so the head can be fixed if a blast of air is needed in one direction only. This gives a fan like this a good deal of versatility, and they can reach areas that fixed head fans cannot.… [ Read More ]

This type of fan comes in many forms. You can buy them for the desk, there are floor standing models, and even ceiling mounted models. However, it’s wise to make sure you check you have enough space around the fan so the head can oscillate without a problem.

Holmes and Lasko are two manufacturers that are constantly striving for perfection in the oscillating fan market. They pride themselves on producing top quality fans that are built to last, and are incredibly affordable. You will also find a range that’s wide and varied. [ Less ]