Oreck Air Purifier Reviews

Oreck Corporation began by selling vacuum cleaners before venturing into the manufacturing of other home appliances, including air purifiers. While information on Oreck’s air purifiers is varied – from hardcore fans to disgruntled customers – the truth perhaps, lies somewhere in between.

Oreck air purifiers are powerful, durable, efficient, can monitor dust levels with their Automatic Particulate Sensor (APS), clean the air and do all this at low noise levels. Certified by the Energy Star rating, they can also run throughout the day without racking up high electricity bills. … [ Read More ]

Oreck believed that their Truman Cell air purifiers were superior to the HEPA versions, but they have now begun manufacturing HEPA air purifier models, i.e. AirInstinct-100 and AirInstinct-200. However, these air purifiers only work for small-sized rooms of 200-250 square feet, where other air purifiers in the market clean rooms of up to 350-400 square feet at half the price.

While Oreck remains committed to simplifying cleaning by providing products that are lightweight, powerful, easy to use and durable; they have some ground to cover when it comes to air purifiers. [ Minimize ]