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Oil Heater Reviews

The idea behind oil heaters is older than you think. In fact, the system used today isn’t unlike that used by the Romans. They used hot water and steam that was forced through clay pipes and this was designed to stay warm long after the steam had been omitted. Oil heaters work in much the same way. In fact, we have Franz Friedrich Wilhelm San Galli to thank for the modern oil heaters we see today.

Originally this type of heater was very bulky and had to be installed in a basement. These days, they’re portable and many models come equipped with wheels so they can be easily transported from one room to the other.… [ Read More ]

One of the best benefits of a heater like this is it uses heat trapping oil. This means it never needs replacing, and will stay warm long after the unit has been switched off. They’re also incredibly quiet because there are no fans included. It is wise to check the safety features included as many current models should not be covered in any way.

DeLonghi and Optimus are two of the most popular manufacturers. They are highly regarded in terms of price, design and the warranties they offer.[ Minimize ]